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Arlen Specter: A Liar Calling Santorum a Liar

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So here we go again.  Someone let Arlen out of the home today and put him on CNN with John King to discuss Rick Santorum’s claim that Specter agreed to support President Bush’s judicial nominees to the Supreme Court.

Here is a bitter old man who is still clinging to his dwindled power.  This is a man who said he would not support judicial candidates who created law from the bench, yet he voted for Sonya Sotomayor. Remember her?

This is a man who voted for Obamacare after he railed against Hillary Clinton for her mandated healthcare plan.  This is a man who was a Democrat when he first ran for Senate on the Republican ticket, then switched to actually become a Republican, and then switched back to Democrat when he realized he would lose the Republican primary against Pat Toomey.

This is a man who was for card check and against card check. Do I need to continue? So let me lay this out for you.  We have Rick Santorum who has stated he has made mistakes, owns them and apologizes for them.  Then we have Specter who has directly told me that the allegations above are wrong.

But little does he know there is something called video where we have him in his own words.  You tell me…who do you believe?

To me it’s clear…

Rick Santorum.

Have You Been Newtered?

It goes without saying that Newt Gingrich is brilliant.  I would easily pay to watch Newt debate Obama with a Guinness and nachos by my side.  The verbal smackdown of Obama would be well worth the price of admission knowing Newt’s impeccable debate prowess and knowledge of history.

With these credientials who could possibly say no to a Newt presidency?  Well, I for one adore the aforementioned part of Newt.  But let’s look at Newt from another perspective so we understand exactly what the conservative conundrum is at the moment.  My memory is a long one and for some reason this picture keeps coming to mind. (more…)


There is nothing quite as unnerving than looking out the window to see a literal mob of anarchists pounding their fists on the windows trying to get in…to get you.


Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party: Who Does America Support?

Let’s face it.  As much as the main stream media attempts to portray the fledgling Occupy Wall Street movement as similar to the Tea Party, the differences couldn’t be more startling.  In an attempt to further understand Occupy Wall Street and perhaps get some good video, I took it upon myself to attend the first meeting of Occupy Harrisburg in Pennsylvania.  Their frustration with the status quo was as palpable as daylight, much like the first meeting I hosted for my local 9-12 Project group—but the similarities stop there.

Allow me to paint you a picture of those who attended the inaugural meeting of Occupy Harrisburg, as well as explain to you what truly sets the Tea Party apart from their ilk.